A child is playing

Dara Scully
The Cut The Rope The Bond The Ecstasy The Touch The Heartbeat The Braid The Other The MotherThe Darkness The Needle The Captive "A chils is playing" nos muestra diferentes escenas en las que uno o varios niños juegan. Pero sus juegos son extraños. El cabello se transforma en una soga. El latido del muchacho es un taniño fúnebre. La niña escucha atentamente: un presagio se avecina. Un dolor impronunciable. Estos juegos no nos pertenecen. No podemos reconocerlos. Los niños nos miran a través de la distancia, alejados. Sólo ellos pueden comprenderse. Si nos acercamos, morderán nuestra mano. Si les preguntamos, tal vez nos ladren. Mientras, la trenza cae al suelo tras el corte. Si no tenemos cuidado nos ahogarán con ella.

nigepubi26 Lun, 19/10/2015 - 12:25

as a disclaimer uopnfrt. Nietzsche remains one of the least understood philosophers and his views at times controversial and outrageous often contradicted themselves. He embraced paradox (the curse blessing of genius). He evolved and changed his mind stridently frequently, which is something every congnitively-enhanced human should have the right to do.Emerson once said Foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds .Though works like Will to Power throbbed with nihilism it was never an existential problem for him but one of sociological/cultural values.The master/slave construct underlies his belief in the collapse of Western civilisation, and the inevitable rise of the Ubermensch [uuuurgh!! I'm rambling .. anyway, what I was getting at, is that the pervasively stern and sombre fellow was not generally given to lilting about stars and especially of the dancing variety :-P] Besides his views on genius are intriguing.. and he was hauled into the nuthouse after flinging his arms around a horse to save it from being beaten. Gotta love him ;-)

nigepubi26 Vie, 16/10/2015 - 11:37

That's a smart way of lokoing at the world.